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Aaron & Alisha – Blacksburg Country Club

Most of my brides I meet with ahead of time!

But Aaron & Alisha live in Texas! So I actually met them both the day of their wedding! So here is her story of how they met… It seems like Facebook has connected lots of souls, just like it did with them!

While skimming through Facebook , Alisha stumbled upon a boy she hadn’t seen in over 20 years. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she discovered that the once short, chubby, ornery pastor’s kid that she remembered as a child was now a strong, handsome, successful young man. She couldn’t stop looking at his pictures! So, she took a deep breath, crossed her fingers, and click! She sent him a friend request, hoping that just maybe he would remember her and possibly want to reconnect.

Over a thousand miles away Aaron instantly received and accepted Alisha’s friend request. “Is this really her?” He thought over and over as he skimmed through the pictures and read over her status updates. She was different, she was real, she was beautiful, and Aaron was curious. Although he was instantly smitten, it took him months to gain enough courage to send that very first Facebook message. Which, from that message on, got the two hooked to each other.

After weeks of communicating and texting back and forth Aaron was determined. He had to see her. He caught a flight out of Orlando to Dallas and could not contain his excitement. Alisha waited anxiously by the baggage claim in terminal E wondering if this was finally it. Was this the guy she had waited almost 30 years for? Suddenly Aaron came around the corner, their eyes locked, and she instantly knew she would love him forever….. After spending a short weekend together, Aaron quickly locked things down and made the relationship official.

Two weeks later Alisha flew to Orlando where Aaron had planned a special night.. But he was so anxious to propose, that he couldn’t wait! The whole family was there! So he dropped to his knee in the middle of the living room and asked her to marry him right then and there! He proposed after seeing her only one other time since they were children. Not wanting a long engagement, Aaron and Alisha spent the next three months flying back and forth while planning a Christmas wedding, which ended up being the happiest day of their lives…..


Special Thanks :

Ceremony : Abundant Life Ministries

Officiant : Randall Lawrence Sr.

Venue : Blacksburg Country Club

Catering : Blacksburg Country Club

Flowers : Northside Florist

Cake : Debra Davis

Hair : Mandy McCroskey

Photobooth : Starcity

Photographers : Patricia Giovannini & Jason Collins for Pat Cori Photography





  • Pamela Whitaker Ramey - January 27, 2015 - 2:10 am

    Absolutely stunning ! So perfect for each other.ReplyCancel

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