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Dana & Bryan – Wedding Explore Park Roanoke, Va

Although Dana and Bryan knew of each other in high school, that is they had mutual friends and occasionally crossed paths on weekends, it wasn’t until after college, after being formally introduced, that they truly began to know one another.At the time they began talking, Dana had just moved back to Roanoke from California and was zipping around town in a manual transmission Volkswagon Jetta.

After only a few casual meetings, the courtship began. Every species has its unique courtship ritual and Bryan had his own… He attempted to woo Dana by pretending to be an experienced stick shift driver, when in truth he was urgently trying to learn on his father’s Miata. Headed to lunch one afternoon, Bryan asked Dana for the keys to her Jetta. Believing he was in first gear, he lifted his foot from the clutch. The car jolted backwards, hitting the car parked behind them. This was not the time to leap from the car and break into song and dance, as a bowerbird might, in hopes of salvaging the impression; it was time to come clean, which he did. Although their relationship may have started in reverse, they have been excitedly moving forward ever since.

“Bryan did plan a very sweet surprise getaway for our engagement.  He planned a trip to a beautiful winery, then to a unique wildflower garden park where he surprised me with flowers, cheese, crackers, and champagne that he had prearranged to be there when we arrived.  All the gifts were placed in the “Crow’s Nest”, which is almost like a tree house made of vines and branches.  It was beautiful and very much a surprise!” said Dana.

They exchanged their vows at Explore Park and it rained for most part of the day, but it stopped enough for us to go out and get some amazing portraits!

Special thanks to :

Venue : Explore Park

Officiant : Charlie Krause

Catering : 1906 Ale House

Flowers & Wedding Planning : Elle Emme : Floral Atelier

Hair : Shannon Martin

Band : Root 2

Photography : Patricia Giovannini & Cricket Maiden for Pat Cori Photography

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