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Jennie & Jared – Engagement in Roanoke, Va

I had the pleasure to meet Jennie & Jared the day of their engagement session and I can’t wait to capture their special day!

They met on a blind date, which Jennie almost cancelled at the last minute!  But at the urging of friends, she went.  Conversation started slow but quickly picked up speed. Four hours later, she knew this guy was someone she wanted in her life.  She wasn’t sure though if this was going to be something romantic, or a just a great friendship. Their third date started off the same way as the previous two…  Great conversation, but not too much flirting, so by the end of the night she was ready to move this thing firmly into the friend zone but as they got ready to leave, Jared leaned in and kissed her. “The sparks flew.  Friend zone aborted… I was hooked!” said Jennie.

After that everything just started to fall into place, it was like they had been together forever. 

One day , after 1 & 1/2 year, Jared started at 7am with a scavenger hunt that would take Jennie all over the city. The hunt started in her car with a package, an envelope and a red balloon.  In the package was a scrap book with all of the pages removed.  The envelope held a clue that let her know what the day would hold. She would spend the rest of the day retracing the important moments of their relationship, how romantic is that?!!

Each stop had a package, an envelope and a red balloon.  The package always contained pages of the scrapbook that told their story through his eyes.  The red balloons told her she was in the right place, and the envelope held a hint for her next stop.  She started by visiting the person who had set them up on that first blind date. Next was the restaurant where they had their first date.  He even left plenty of time for her to get pampered with a mani-pedi, and to relax in a hotel room complete with wine and light hors d’oeuvres!

After 12 stops, she found herself at one of their favorite restaurants. She thought that dinner was going to be the end of the scavenger hunt. However, she was instructed to follow the path of red balloons behind the restaurant to a park with a beautiful view.  As she was reading the content of one last envelope, she felt someone approaching from behind, and there he was.  He started to speak and his voice was trembling. 

“He had to remind me afterwards what he had said in that moment, I was so overwhelmed.  It ended in the picture perfect proposal and the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. “

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