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Kaitlin & Alex – Silver Hearth Lodge

Kaitlin’s father is a photographer and part of a meetup group I am part of too, Exposure Roanoke.

When he found out his daughter was getting married, the first thing he did was contact me. And after meeting with Kaitlin & Alex, I just knew we were a perfect match!

Engagement pictures were so much fun! I got to know them better and realized how strong their relationship was!

As they both went to different schools in a younger age, they had no means of knowing each other prior to attending Jefferson College of Health Sciences beginning in 2010. They met in their freshman Anatomy Lab at school and Kaitlin had an instant attraction to Alex.

After her friends got wind of this, they immediately began talking to him and inviting him to join their table in class.

From the day Alex and Kaitlin began talking, they had a great connection. Their first date was at Buffalo Wild Wings, Alex’s favorite restaurant. After a month or two of fun, laughter, and becoming best friends… they began their relationship. They are both in nursing school at JCHS and will graduate with a BSN on December 12, 2014.

After going through a lot of very hard life events during their few years together, Alex and Kaitlin only grew stronger and closer together. It was after all of this that Alex decided it was time to take the next big step. On Christmas Day of 2012, Alex drove Kaitlin to a beautiful overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway on their way home from opening gifts with family and got out and expressed his love for her, got down on one knee. and proposed.

After being in complete shock with the excitement of this, Kaitlin of course said yes!

They said their vows on July 12th at the beautiful venue of Silver Hearth Lodge , and celebrated this special day with family and friends!


Venue : Silver Hearth Lodge

Catering Service : Three Li’l Pigs Barbeque

Wedding coordinator : Lindsay Brown

Flowers : Kacie Ward

Cupcakes : Tara Bond

Dj : Barry Tosh

Officiate : Larry Lilley

Photographers : Patricia Giovannini & Jason Collins for Pat Cori Photography







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