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Senior Portraits in Roanoke – Tips for Senior Photography

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What to expect from a Senior Portrait session with Pat Cori Photography!

Senior portraits are one of my favorite sessions! They are fun and almost always seniors are very excited to model. It’s very important to establish some contact with them, so here is my workflow for a senior session.


Before the shoot.

1 – My senior clients receive a small questionnaire. After the first contact, when they decide to book me, I send a small questionnaire so I can get to know them better! Examples: What is your favorite color? What extra-curricular activities do you enjoy? What’s your favorite outfit?

2 – Advise on “what to wear”. Even though seniors are trendy, they always appreciate recommendations on what to wear!

My main advise is : Wear what is comfortable! If you are not comfortable, it will show. Stay away from big patterns, neon colors and writings on your shirts. And if they like I send them a link to my pinterest board on “what to wear for a senior session”.

3 – E-mail Confirmation. One day before the session, they get an e-mail of confirmation, so that I know that we have the location, date and time right.




The day of!

1 – Communication. It’s not easy to get comfortable in front of a camera at the beginning. So I talk to them, but mostly I get them to talk while I  test my lighting. That makes them feel valued. Caring about their opinions is important. It makes them relax and they know they are being valued.

2 –  Direction . I don’t pose them but I give them little tips. They start off with those and in the end everyone finds what works the best for them!

3 – Bring props. Most seniors have hobbies. Why not incorporate them in their pictures! Plus, it’s a comfort thing too, to hold on to something that is familiar with them.

senior portraits _ roanoke _ patcoriphotography


After the Shoot.

1 – I post a teaser on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. After the session, they are excited to see how it went, so giving them a teaser always makes them feel good about how it went!

2 – Review of gallery. They will get a private link, with password, with all of the images  from the session. From there they make their picks.

3 – Blog their stories!After they get their images, I post a blog with their images and a little story about how the session went.

In the end, it’s all about them! I can pick where to pose and capture them but their personalities is what makes every session personal and unique! senior pictures senior pictures senior print #115



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