The experience

Here is a look into how I work and what to expect from your experience with Pat Cori Photography.
Each client is unique and different and the main goal is for you to know every step of your journey with me!


Good fit

When possible I love to meet in person with my potential clients or chatting via Skype. Building a true relationship with my clients is essential and it helps me better understand their personalities, in order to capture their true essence.
It also helps you understand better if I am a good fit for you too! Choosing the right wedding photographer is essential in the whole planning process.

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Still have questions?

If you still have questions after our meeting, there is a page with FAQs. And no worries if your question isn’t listed,  just reach out and I will be glad to answer!


There are several packages listed in my pricing guide. Those are the most popular I am also willing to customize a package based on your personal needs! No wedding is too small or too big. 

First contact

Once we lock in your date, you will receive an email with instructions on how to build your client portal. This is a place where you will see all of your info in connection with me. Your contract, your appointments, and your invoice.

Engagement Session

If you have booked one I try to schedule it as soon as possible. This is one of my favorite sessions. It is a time to spend together, allowing us to get to know each other better. During the process I will direct you when needed and give you tips, but for most part I am truly capturing the connection in between the two of you! Sometimes I may go silent, don’t worry!! That’s my creativity taking over! It has nothing to do with you!

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In your client’s portal there is a questionnaire to fill out. You can do it a little at a time. That helps me understand better how the day will evolve. If you have a wedding planner please make sure to list it in there, so that we can be in contact.


The night before each wedding, I am cleaning my lenses, formatting my cards and recharging all my batteries.Travel
If the wedding is out of state and requires traveling, I prefer to arrive the day before. I want to be sure that nothing stops me from being on time on your special day.

Wedding day

We love Wedding day!!
We are there with you & for you! We shoot, we laugh, we cry and sometimes we might even dance a little!

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Social Media

If the wedding is on Saturday, on Monday I will post an image on social media, Facebook & Instagram. If we are friends I will tag you, so that you can then share the image as like. If you do not want your images posted publicly, I will respect your wishes!


Each image is individually edited with my personal, artistic, point of view. It takes me more time to edit than to actually shoot the wedding. This is also the reason why I do not provide raw images or unedited pictures. Even though a lot of the creativity is unlocked during the shooting process, editing is my final signature.


Portrait sessions and engagements are typically delivered within 2/3 weeks. Weddings are within 8/12 weeks.
You will receive an email with a link to an online gallery, password protected. You can share it with whoever you like, I don’t mid how many times it gets downloaded.

Ordering prints

You have the option to order prints directly from the link, it is an easy process. You choose the size, the quantity and the images are delivered directly to you.
You can also download the original size of the images and get your prints ordered elsewhere. Just please be aware that some of the most affordable companies aren’t color calibrated and most times you can get some unhappy accidents.


I offer a variety of products like prints, wrapped canvases, un-stretched canvases, signing books. Wedding albums, parent’s albums and more. So please reach out if there is anything that you are interested in! If we had the chance to meet in person, most likely you saw my books as I always bring some samples with me at client’s meetings.

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