Katelyn & Ryan - Engagement - Roanoke, VA

Katelyn & Ryan met at a friends house (kind of) "he kept staring at me and I just KNEW he was going to talk to me but he didn’t, so I went home and downloaded Tinder and THERE he was, so I just KNEW we would match but after I Swiped right....we didn’t. Then, the next morning when i woke up I saw we matched and KNEW he was going to message me....but he didn’t. I got mad and messaged him saying, “I know you want to talk to me” lol. Then it was history after that!! "

It is pretty obvious that they are a match! Their engagement session was absolutely out of the ordinary! And because of that we had a blast!

Pat Cori

Pat Cori Photography Fine Art Wedding & Destination Photographer from Roanoke VA