Jennifer & Jim - Patrick Henry Ballroom - Roanoke, VA

Jennifer & Jim were introduced through their mutual friend, Gretchen. The two met for the first time at Blue 5 for some cocktails. Jennifer was new in town and hardly knew anyone but Jim on the other hand seemed to know everyone! That night, Jennifer was introduced to several of Jim's friends and family members that also happened to be there. A few days later, the two had a proper dinner date and then another date hiking to Devil's Marble Yard. Three years later and here they are!

June 14 last year seemed to be a regular, crazy work day. Jennifer decided to stay a little later at work, making her get home even later. After stopping by the gym and then Fresh Market for groceries, Jim was texting her to hurry up and come home. Jennifer made it home and everything seemed normal around the house. Jimmy didn't seem any different than his normal self. After an evening shower, Jennifer came down the stairs and found an envelope on the banister reading "Open before you come down." The card in the envelope contained the most heartwarming and loving sentiments. She had no idea what was going on. After going down the stairs and turning into the kitchen, she noticed the lights were dim and candles were lit. Jimmy got down on one knee and reiterated some of the amazing words he had written in the card. He then asked Jennifer to marry him. Elated, surprised, and tingling with excitement, Jennifer said yes! Jimmy had bought a special bottle of "J" champagne to celebrate. The rest of the night was perfect!

Jennifer & Jim's wedding day was absolutely gorgeous. The key colors for their wedding were blush pink and sage green with gold and silver metallics. These colors worked so well together! The church was breathtaking. After the ceremony, the couple opened a very special bottle of "J" champagne. It was the same kind that they drank the night Jim proposed. Jim had purchased both bottles at the same time and they had been saving this second one for their special day! After capturing some amazing shots of just the two of them, Jennifer & Jim arrived to their reception at the Patrick Henry Ballroom where they had their first dance to Chris Stapleton's More of You. The rest of the night was so much fun spent with all of their loving family and friends.

Venue: Seth Davis with Patrick Henry Ballroom

Caterer & Cake/Desserts: Mark Baldwin with Blue Ridge Catering

Wedding Planner : Kellie Mintner with Allure Weddings & Events

Flowers: Mark Frye with Creative Occasions

Band: Klaxton Brown

Hair & Makeup: Lauren Metro & Cady Garst with Lash etc.

Photogrpahers: Patricia Giovannini & Jason Collins with Pat Cori Photography

Pat Cori

Pat Cori Photography Fine Art Wedding & Destination Photographer from Roanoke VA