Sara & Emory - Barn Engagement - Virginia - Nov 2017

Emory and Sara had been going to school together since 6th grade. They had maybe talked a few times here and there but never really got to know each other. Her junior year of high school she started talked to this girl, who happened to be best friends with Emory since they were in preschool. During the second semester of Junior year, this girl started inviting friends over to watch movies every weekend, but they were so shy they wouldn't even talk to each other. After a few months of awkward movie nights, she gets a notification that said "Your friend Emory Russell is on snapchat" with a button to add him as a friend. Shy Sara was totally out of character and added him AND snapchatted him and Emory responded to her snapchat almost immediately and they started talking back and forth, until finally one day he asked her to be his girlfriend.

They both knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together and had been talking about it, so Emory went ring shopping alone at first and got nervous that he would pick the wrong ring and brought her along the second time. They picked the same ring.

After a long day of driving and working that started at 4am, one night  she was falling asleep on the couch. Emory told her that they had to go to the chapel to get a hymnal book for his mom because she was playing the organ Sunday morning and needed to pick out songs to play. She agreed to go with him and thought nothing of it. They arrived at the chapel and the closet with the hymnals was locked, so they checked to see if the library had any hymnals. Emory started stalling at this point and she told him that they should just go back to the house because they had failed their mission. Emory told her to check the closet door one more time "because it sticks", so she checked the door (it was still locked) and turned around and Emory was down on one knee. It was such a sweet moment with the two of them in the chapel with the cross behind us. "It represents what our relationship is and what we strive for it to be in the future" said Sara.

Pat Cori

Pat Cori Photography Fine Art Wedding & Destination Photographer from Roanoke VA