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Choosing the people that will help make your day special isn't easy at all. You go through websites and look at thousands of Pinterest boards and you see all these beautiful images, but until it's actually your turn to really choose you don't realize that behind all those captures there are real people, that work hard. Creatives that help you bring your vision together.Virginia Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of spending a day with Caitlin from Cara Cait Creative, in her home, where she makes all the magic happen and while I was documenting her work, I got to know her a little better. Lifestyle Virginia Wedding Photographer

Caitlin's story, in her own voice:Virginia Engagement Photographer Photographer

"One of my first and most cherished memories is of my grandfather, bent over in the clay soil of his garden. I can barely see him for the rows of rainbow colored gladiolus that seem to multiply for miles. His favorite flowers were gladiolus and he planted them in straight rows like ears of corn.
Flowers have a way of evoking memories just like a certain perfume that a loved one used to wear or a song you danced to with someone. Flowers are an everlasting gesture of thank you, I’m sorry, I love you. Giving flowers can be the smallest gesture and mean the most to someone. That’s why I have a love affair with flora. Just like my memory, they leave a mark on my heart. I believe that beautiful flowers leave lasting impressions on all of our hearts. Becoming a florist changed my life.
As a florist artist, I am always striving to be innovative, different, and a little wild. I have the freedom to explore new possibilities every day, which excites me. I am able to put smiles on bride’s faces on their wedding day, one of the most important days of their life. I feel that a piece of my heart goes into every bouquet that I create. Being a curator of someone’s memories for their wedding day fulfills me. Passion for my job (which, I’m not sure I would even classify it as a job) is never lost. I describe my floral style as whimsical with glimpses of old English charm. It’s very hard to choose a favorite flower but if I had to, I’d say the Stargazer Lily. They smell like heaven and home. I love to work with organic materials like tree branches, ornamental grasses, wild flowers, sticks and moss. I always try to bring an element of the current season into my pieces. Bringing that relevance together is a fun conversation starter too! I crave projects like huge installations of flowers and branches, unforeseen floral sculptures, and centerpieces that are nothing short of magical. I am intrigued by the extraordinary and whenever possible, I color outside the lines.
Being a wedding and special events florist, often means spending time away from my family. I choose to work out of my home studio so that I can be the best wife, mother and friend that I can. I am having the time of my life playing with flowers and my one year old daughter and spotted, English Springer Spaniel. Truly, I feel like the luckiest woman alive to love what I do so much and have so many blessings That surround me.
Flowers are unmistakably the best at bringing light into someone's life. Creating inventive and unimaginable beauty for people is my life’s work. Cara Cait Creative is a company created for the love of flowers and the love of putting warmth in people's hearts."

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