Rachel & Chris - Engagement Session - Roanoke VA

Chris and Rachel met in high school. Rachel was a Junior soccer athlete, Chris was a Senior basketball athlete. Rachel & Chris's sister were good friends.One Myspace click later, they started talking constantly. A few weeks later Chris picked her up from a school function to take her home. On their way, Chris turned down the music and asked, "if I asked you to be my girlfriend, what would you say?" Charming. High school sweethearts we became. 

No one would have ever guessed that a Colorado city girl would fall in love with a West Virginia country boy.

Chris bought and held on to the engagement ring for over a year, always looking for thr right moment. All of his plans apparently didnt work out (either forgetting the ring, or didnt feel it was romantic enough). Also Chris is a bit of a nervous wreak in general...

On New Years Eve 2015 Chris took her to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate another great year together. They talked about going out to the local bar to celebrate with friends, but Chris was insistent that he needed to drop her off at my parents house. While in the parlor of my parents home, with no one around, Chris asked her to close her eyes. When she opened them, he was on one knee with a ring outstretched towards her. "Will you marry me?"

Pat Cori

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