Margaret & Dave - Science Museum - Roanoke Virginia

I am always trying to shoot in different locations, trying to make each engagement session unique. So we decided to explore through the science museum at Center in the Square.Virginia Wedding Photographer

How they met: Dave and Margaret were set up by a mutual friend and went on a blind date. This friend mentioned several times that she "really needed to meet this guy" and "he was perfect for her", but naturally she didn't believe him and pushed it off. After several weeks, she thought "why not?", wouldn't be too much to grab a drink. They decided to meet up at a local bar for drinks only. The date went well, and she agreed to see him again. A few days later, he wanted to pick her up and take her out to a nice dinner - that was the date that sold them. She saw his humor and sarcasm, yet he was still kind and sweet and treated her well. It ended up to be a perfect fit, "and everything suddenly made sense why it never worked out with anyone else before" said Margaret.

How he proposed: Cut to about 2 years later... They talked and knew they wanted to get married. They looked at rings together, then he started going by himself. On his 34th birthday he asked her if she wanted to meet up with his friends at the bar after his birthday dinner. They went to the bar they first met (they went there frequently during those 2 years), and, the theater across the street changed it's movie sign on the marquee. They walked out of the bar and friends asked if they could take a picture of them. They had to ask her what movie was playing in order for her to finally notice the sign "Margaret will you marry me". He was down on one knee and saying several things to profess his love, but she didn't hear too much of it because she was so excited and shocked at the time. "I did catch the end of his speech when he said "the only gift I want for my birthday is for you to give me your lifelong commitment and be my wife". Of course my answer was yes, and I couldn't believe our time had finally come!"

Can't wait to shoot this amazing couple's wedding! In the meantime here are their engagement portraits.Roanoke Wedding Photographer

Pat Cori

Pat Cori Photography Fine Art Wedding & Destination Photographer from Roanoke VA