In home Engagement Portraits in Roanoke, Virginia - Katie & Sean

Like a lot of couples nowadays, Katie & Sean met on tinder. It was immediately a match.

Not long after, they were visiting some friends in Houston, Texas and they were having dinner at this unique restaurant called, One Fifth. When this restaurant first opened they were given the lease for only five years and the owner of the restaurant liked the challenge, so he decided to have a different theme each year. (That’s where the name One Fifth came from!) They open in September with a new theme, go through til the end of July, then close the restaurant to do renovations so they can present the new one again the next September.

When Katie & Sean were there the theme was “Romance Languages”, which was the perfect one for a proposal! Katie said “we sat down to eat, then right after Sean was ordering champagne to do a toast and then all at a sudden he was proposing!”

When we initially talked about doing an engagement session , they both told me that they loved to stay home and they loved to take walks. So we decided to do an in home engagement session for half of it, so that they could include their two dogs Boone & Doug. As you can see Boone warmed up pretty quickly, it took some time for Doug to relax and get in some pictures with them.

We got on the floor so that Doug would relax a little and after a drink, Sean took out his guitar and started playing his music for Katie. I seriously had chills all over. I almost didn’t wanna breathe for fear that they would remember that I was there and that whole magic would go away!!

After that we moved in their bedroom, Doug’s favorite spot, hoping he would join them. Boone got right in there and this time Katie, starting reading to Sean one of her books. It was so fulfilling to being able to document a piece of their everyday life, to capture them for who they are.

We decided to go on the parkway to finish up the session with some sunset portraits. Well, no more stories, check out the pictures!

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Pat Cori

Pat Cori Photography Fine Art Wedding & Destination Photographer from Roanoke VA