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Hi there! I am so looking forward to our mentor session and having the in-depth experience you can only get with a one on one session!
Editing: I do 99% of my editing in Lightroom. I rarely use Photoshop, since mostly everything can be done in Lightroom in a more efficient way.

Marketing: I have spent years, through trial and error, learning about best practices for marketing and keep abreast of current trends. I began my business doing all of my own marketing and my growth has all been self-cultivated. From SEO, social media and best web practices I have learned a great deal over the years.

On this page you will find an outline of what mentorships I currently provide. I am also available to create a more customized plan to suit your specific needs. Just ask!

At the bottom of the page you will find my most valuable tool to help ensure you get the most from our time together … a short questionnaire for you to fill out! Please take time to carefully fill out the form so that I help you get the most out of our time together.  If you have any other questions in the meantime, please let me know!

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Editing Mentorship

This is a great mentorship for those just beginning AND anyone who already has a few years under their belt. It always helps to learn new efficient ways of processing images.

1 Workflow
Uploading images
Inserting keywords
Opening and culling a shoot efficiently
Organize (how to rate so that you can find images later)

2 Lightroom
Review of windows (Library module - Develop module)
Where to start? Basic editing tips. (Going through each sliders)
Highlights and Blacks
Creating your own presets and working with presets in general
Batch editing
Special tools (Clone stamp, brush, radial mask, gradients)
Exporting images (for social media and for prints)
Skin tones

3 Photoshop
Basics (Edit an image from Lightroom to make minor adjustments)
Content Aware tool (remove objects from your images)
Basic Skin retouching

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Marketing 101

This is a great mentorship for those just beginning AND anyone who already has a few years under their belt. It always helps to learn new efficient ways of processing images.

1. SEO- 
What is it and how it works
Optimizing your site
Importance of links
Page loading speed
Importance of a solid website

2. Social media
Content: how to create more engaging posts.
Cohesiveness: maintaining consistency in posts
Likes: tips on getting more likes and followers
Instagram vs Facebook
Helpful apps to have in your toolbelt

3. Branding
Logo/website/Social media cohesiveness
Define your style
Stop comparing yourself, we’re all at different stages
How workshops help
Connections with other peers and vendors
Make time to network

4. Tracking

Posting schedule: learn how to review insights to determine most engaging time to post

Keeping tabs on where you inquiries come from

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Business Management Mentorship

This session is great for those wanting to get ahead of the game starting out, but VERY beneficial for photographers who now have a full time business on their hands!

This session helps look at improving the background processes that helps you stay on top of everything from client interaction, helpful business tools and even how to price your work.

1. Emails
Inquiries : creating your own templates
Follow ups
Track where your business is coming from
Gallery sharing

2. Business management Software
Tools to simplify life - Pixifi Business management software (three month free trial)
Mileage tracking
Financial: Tracking and online payment
Customized contracts

3. Pricing
How to find your client
Business plan: Plan for the slower months
How to price yourself
Importance of having a registered business
Insurance & Liability
Hire help: Understanding how to delegate what are the things you enjoy the least so you can do what you do best.

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Portfolio Building

This mentoring is designed for whomever would like to start building a portfolio or just needs a boost in creativity that can only be found in a different point of view in how they’re shooting. There will be a live styled session with a couple to give you the opportunity to learn through experience and provide more portfolio images.

1. Inspiration
How to stay inspired and not get bored
It's all about perspective: Shooting from different point of views
Tell the story: how to get to know your couple and why it's so important
Lighting: What to look for when scouting locations

2. Styled session
Directing your couple
Live Shooting

3. Tell the story

How to choose the images that tell the story on your blogs and in your posts
Reveal some of yourself in your stories
How getting on a personal level helps engagement
Editing: defining your signature

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